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Food technology is a branch of food science that deals with the production processes that make foods. Early scientific research into food technology concentrated on food preservation. Food technology involves all aspects of food science, including production, processing and distribution. Professionals work to improve manufacturing methods through preservation, storage and new product development. … Degree programs are available in food science, packaging science and food technology. Food technology Study abroad consultant in Mumbai guides individuals for better growth prospects as food technology is a great career option with huge growth opportunities. Preserving and distributing natural food is going to be a big market in future. With the aid of various disciplines in food science and technology, raw materials are being converted to edible foods. Reduced diseases, improved safety and quality. Variety, less wastage is some of the advancements in the field. People often think about the job opportunities in this field and types of job.
• Food technologist
• Nutritional therapist
• Product/process development scientist
• Quality manager
• Regulatory affairs officer
• Scientific laboratory technician
• Technical brewer
Food technology deals with a blend of physical, chemical or microbiological techniques and processes for transforming raw ingredients into food and also other forms in food processing industry. Study Food technology in UK have good presence in UK, food processing refers to converting the raw ingredients into edible components or transforming food into other edible forms. BE/B. Tech in food technology is a 4 year program. Food technology deals with the various chemical processes that food products undergo to make them consumable and ready to market. Food processors typically take clean, harvested crops or butchered animal products and use them to produce attractive, marketable food products with long shelf-life. Similar processes apply to animal feed. Food technology study abroad consultants in Mumbai for UK University  guides with clear information and help them with good placements. Though Food science Food engineering and food technology are very overlapping there are subtle differences. There are eligibility criteria for pursuing B. Tech course in Food Technology a student should have 50 percent marks in Physics, Chemistry and mathematics in 10+2. Students aspiring to pursue the Master level course need to have completed B. E./B. Tech. in Food Science/Food Science and technology/ Food technology and Management/ Food Technology/ Food process Engineering/ Food Engineering/ Dairy and Food Engineering, from a recognized institute with a minimum aggregate score of 45-50%. Education consultant in Mumbai for UK University Food technology study provides great support to individuals for having better career in this field. Be it how many fruit and vegetables to eat per day, genetically modified crops or sugar content in the latest child marketed drink, food science is never far from the headlines or our thoughts. Studying this degree at a UK university means you are fascinated by the key aspects of food- how it is produced, is it safe, how it reacts to natural elements and if it can combat illness and disease. Study in UK Consultants in Mumbai lets you decide the best university to study in UK some of them are:
• University of Surrey
• University of Leeds
• University of Nottingham 
• Robert Gordon University
• Queen’s University  Belfast
• King’s College London
• University of Reading
If you are interested in studying food technology in the UK, must arrange you free consultation with best food technology Courses in UK as they have good presence in UK and guides individuals very well.
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