Based on the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India data, more than 7 lakh Indian students are studying abroad in 2019. Some of the key reasons why students prefer to study abroad: • Excellent career opportunities • Enhanced language skills • Exposure to a new culture and education system • Overall personality development Scholarships are intended to reward a student’s academic achievement...

Scholarships in USA

Scholarships in USA

There are numerous assets accessible to students to scan for scholarships, and there are likewise numerous administrations that charge students for either access to their grant database or to lead a grant look for an understudy's sake. On the off chance that you have room schedule-wise and accessible ...

A Guide To Study Abroad Scholarships

A Guide to Study Abroad Scholarships

A scholarship to a foreign college is a monetary award given to academically gifted students. This amount could be used toward the tuition expenses, additional expenses of the program such as air travel, course books, and accommodation. ...