UK’s Post Study Visa Rule: A Boon or a Ban for Indian Students

Posted on: October 14 2019, By : Siddhi Nalawade
UK post study visa
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One of the reasons why Indian students want to study abroad is, increasing competition in education sector in India. Students who are scoring as high as 90% are not getting seats in college of choice in India.   

Why do Indian students prefer to study in UK?
Degrees from UK universities are highly respectable and recognized by employers and industry, while the course fee is less in comparison to the US. Another benefit is that universities in UK offer one year master’s degrees with optional placement year allowing students the flexibility and opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the UK. Best way to get in there is to look  for a good education consultant , Seven Educon is the best overseas education consultant for Uk in Navi Mumbai. They help students by guiding for making passport, preparation for VISA, getting tickets and arranging Forex for abroad admission

Why is it a ban for Indian Students at present?
UK’s post study visa rule doesn’t allow international students in UK to work, or look for work, in any career or position of their choice more than six months after completing their studies. Currently undergraduates and master’s student have only four months to get sponsored for a work permit.
The most impacted are the Indian students who need this post study work visa for a number of reasons, To gain global work experience and the chance to work for a few years to pay off some of the high loans they had taken to study in the UK.
The move would be the biggest shake up of UK’s immigration system. There is a huge drop in the number of Indian students and skilled immigrants going to study in UK and the country losing out its competitive edge as an international market for higher education. 
UK is currently the second-most lucrative destination for international students in the world, after the US. But it is facing tough competition from Australia.
There are concerns that educational institutions are seeing, they are treated as “cash cows.” They pay 30% higher fees than nationals do. In the push to attract international students, educational institutes have been accused of diluting their academic standards and thus failing to impart the promised high-quality education to Indian students.
It is expected that UK government will take back or make some changes in the post study visa rule. This could be the game changer for Indian students making overseas study decisions. Though details about implementation of this new policy are not clear yet, enrolments from the 2020-21 academic years are expected to benefit from the changes. Indian students and other international students make an important contribution to the country and universities which are both cultural and economic.
Their presence benefits Britain, which is why they would be increasing the time period for the international students where they can stay in UK after studies. 
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