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" Education ought to be affordable for everybody. That only advances a society.” Many aspiring students like you who wish to study abroad often ponder over the question, “Which is an affordable study destination?” After all, studying overseas is an extremely critical decision. There are many considerations that you should make when considering which destination to pick.  Look for the best overseas education consultants in Mumbai.

Amongst the financial decisions to consider, factors which one should take into account include tuition fees, living expenditure, and cost of accommodation, health insurance, transportation costs, scholarships and financial aid. There are many reasons why students decide to study abroad, the rising cost of education in the home country is one reason for the same. A major pull factor for overseas education is quality education at economical costs. Seven educon is the best education consultants in Mumbai
If you're looking to study abroad but find certain countries out of your reach, here is a list of affordable countries that you should consider. Also, consulting a best overseas education consultant in Mumbai is suggested for the same.

Each year, more than 25000 international students decide to study in Germany. The international study programs, research opportunities and participation in highly qualified student community acts as huge pull factors. The university education system in Germany dates back to the 14th century which ensures quality education to students. Gone are the days where to study in Germany means to have adequate knowledge in German, a large number of universities now teach their programs in English, ensuring international students feel right in place. Courses in the field of business, economics, engineering, natural science and computer science are extremely popular. Universities here, offer opportunities to undertake internships or carry out research in the field of study. It is suggested to look for best overseas college admission consultant in Mumbai
These institutions are funded by the state, thus in many cases low tuition fees are charged. Moreover, there also exists special student discounts, meaning the whole experience becomes more economical than expected. The only costs you are likely to bear are accommodation, food, transport, health and other living expenses. 
The tuition fees for courses in Germany can be indicatively looked at as follows:

Courses Indicative Fees
Bachelors €3000-€5000
Masters            €2500-€5000
MBA                  €10000-€12000
 To be able to study in Germany, you are required to have a study visa. In order to attain a study visa, you need to show the authorities sufficient funds. Though, you have to show funds worth €8040 for a year, the actual expenses come to approximately €350-€400 per month.
One of the most highly sought after destinations, it offers you excellent career opportunities upon graduation. The Information Technology sector of France is not only eminent in Europe but has made a place globally. A traditionally rich country, it is the number one tourist destination in the world. The culture of the country is unparalleled, thus when you study in France, apart from the course there are several soft skills that invariably get imbibed in you. The country is popular for its Grande ecole which are now using English as a medium of instruction. Not only this, but if you lack proficiency in French there are short courses are arranged by certain institutions to help you through the same. When it comes to finances, the living expense in France is lower when compared to other European countries. Not only this, but the government also provides financial support when looking for accommodation. Seven educon is one stop solution for study abroad consultant in Mumbai.
The below 
given is an indicative structure of the costs incurred when one decides to study in France

Course Indicative Fees
Masters €10000-€16500
MBA €23000-€25000

Having a budget of €600-€1000 per month will enable you to sustain yourself in France.
One of the most prominent countries in Europe, it offers you a range of academic backgrounds in higher education, exchange opportunities and excellent facilities for learning. In comparison to other study destinations, Spain provides you a standard of living, which is considerably cheaper than other European countries. Spain’s serene lifestyle, pleasant climate and the wealth of stimulating and varied cultural opportunities is the reason for its popularity.  Consult one of the top overseas college admission education consultant in Mumbai for more detailed information.
An indicative framework of the costs to study in Spain is given below:
Course                                     Approximate Costs

Bachelor Program                    €680-€1280 per year at Public institutions
                                                 €5500-€18000 per year at Private institutions
Master Program           €22-€36 per credit at Public institutions which are government regulated
With this comprehensive understanding of the Top 3 affordable countries to study abroad, your decision to study overseas is bound to become streamlined. 
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