Posted on: February 13 2020, By : Sanjita Kumari
Based on the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India data, more than 7 lakh Indian students are studying abroad in 2019.  Some of the key reasons why students prefer to study abroad:
  • Excellent career opportunities
  • Enhanced language skills
  • Exposure to  a new culture and education system
  • Overall personality development
  • are intended to reward a student’s academic achievement and educational progression. Scholarships provide an opportunity for many people to earn an education. Without assistance from an outside source, students may have trouble paying for the degree they need in order to enter the workforce and become a contributing member of society. Scholarships are a motivating stuff for students to grow in their career, and make a better future. Talking about the economic benefits, scholarships are especially appealing to young experts who are simply beginning their careers as employees. Furthermore, getting a scholarship can open the way to various educational as well as employment opportunities. Scholarships are a motivating factor for students to do better and get more benefits from scholarships. Top education consultants in Mumbai provide counseling to students about the benefits they can get from the scholarships. There are students who get scholarships during their study in graduation, 1.5 percent of students in bachelor’s degree programs got enough scholarships and grants to cover 100 percent of the cost attendance. -27 percent got enough to cover 90 percent of the cost of attendance.
Study abroad consultant in Mumbai  also helps students to know the details of getting scholarships for their further studies. All you need to know is to get the right consultation from the nearby educational consultants. Getting a scholarship opens new doors for opportunities that could be the way to various educational as well as employment opportunities. Scholarships are essential not only for college programs but also for school or post-education achievement. There are best overseas education consultants in Mumbai who guides you about getting scholarships for higher studies. Central Sector Scheme of Scholarships for college and University Students.  The objective of the Scheme is to provide financial assistance to the meritorious students having family income of less than Rs.6 lakh per annum, to meet a part of their day-to-day expenses while pursuing higher studies. So, to ensure that every dream reaches its peak, a scholarship for higher education becomes a better preference than an education loan. It not only saves you from paying the interest rate on the loan amount but also helps you in getting quality admission top-notch institutions of the nation. Best overseas college admission education consultant in Mumbai delivers all the information through their counseling experts to an individual seeking for scholarships for higher studies. Before taking a step all you need to do is to get the details in your hand
  • Ask for Help: reach out to people around you for help. Contact your university’s study abroad office, your professors, the financial aid office, and your academic advisors to ask them about scholarships or grants that they may know of.
  • Research, Research, Research: The more scholarships you can apply for, the more financial aid you will get.
  • Location- Specific Grants/Scholarships to study Abroad: These scholarships or grants are created to encourage students to study in specific countries, or even certain cities, such as scholarships specifically for students looking to study in japan.
Before going ahead a lot of things to keep in mind are essential for applying the scholarships for higher studies. Overseas education consultants in Mumbai  guide an individual for all the above mentioned points to get good scholarships for higher studies.
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