Posted on: January 16 2020, By : Sanjita Kumari
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A lot of students plan to study abroad to complete their dreams in order to this they should need to know the process of foreign exchange. Before moving ahead you need to finish your homework to know the certain things. A lot of college students consider the idea of studying abroad for a semester, and many students find it to be a rewarding experience. However going abroad to study further is a life time great experience as we become independent and confident. Top overseas college admission education consultant in Mumbai helps with the full procedure for studying abroad; they have experienced professionals who have experienced different cases of students planning to study abroad. 
You’re likely to be plagued by thoughts on how to sort out your finances if you are going to a foreign university. Before you leave home, there is a set process to follow, involving these four steps:
1) Application: A student narrows it down to the universities of his choice and on average applies to five or six of them. Some of the universities require an application fee and some don’t. Where application fee is required , the payment is usually done through wire transfer.
2) Upon acceptance, some universities require you to pay an enrollment fee. Again wire transfer is the preferred option here.
3) Once you receive an offer letter from your university of choice, now is the time to apply for a visa. After getting a visa, you will be required to pay your tuition fees. Overseas college admission education consultant in Mumbai also helps with the procedure of foreign exchange and many more. 
4) Maintenance and living expenses. For your day-to-day expenses, a forex card is recommended, as it is cheaper than wire transfer and can be easily reloaded online.
Some universities still accept payments through demand drafts, but this is fast becoming an antiquated option.  HDFC Bank ISIC students ForexPlus card has been designed keeping in mind the unique needs and requirements of students going to study overseas. Education consultants in Mumbai helps in career counseling and education loan as well. Before moving ahead for all the process and to be eligible to apply for semester study abroad, a student must:
1) Have completed with at least a passing grade all courses in the first year curriculum.
2) Be in good academic standing and not subject to an honor code proceeding or sanction at the time of application and at the time the students studies abroad. 
Best overseas college admission education consultant in Mumbai provides great support and helps the individual to know the required things before moving abroad for higher studies. Going abroad to study is an experience everyone looks forward to, but it can also be intimidating. Out of the many concerns, the primary one for students is how to deal with the cost aspects, as handling finances may not come easy to them. Best education consultants in Mumbai guides you with full information about foreign exchange. Forex card-An easy Way to Travel abroad a forex card is a simple prepaid card that comes loaded with cash, along with a complimentary insurance cover, protection against change in currency price, and much more.  Some of the essential ForexPlus Card essential benefits include:
1) Working as an identification card worldwide
2) Providing exclusive discounts on books,accommodation,food,shopping and more 
3) Providing insurance cover
This article aims at providing the best knowledge about the process of foreign exchange for students going abroad to study and make their career.
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