Overseas College Admission after COVID-19

Posted on: May 20 2020, By : Ashwin Radhakrishnan
Overseas college admission after COVID-19
“stay home stay safe” to “stay alert in new normal” announced by UK prime minister Boris Johnson and the same words are in sound at every nations. Time only can answer how long we are going to live COVID -19. We can’t wait till the time answers in this fast moving world, there are few new courses emerged particularly after the pandemic diseases in UK universities. Complete details and course guidance are started to give by Best overseas consultant in Mumbai
Admission process 20/21
The impact of COVID -19 risks, created few changes in student recruitment market including higher education. The risk made a proposal to higher education sector as a student stability measure which will be in action for 20/21. To support the effective implementation a fair admission process will undergo for the student stability measure.
Agreement on fair admission practices for 20/21
  • Abide by UCAS terms of services
  • Abide by five existing Schwartz principles on fair admission
  • Not to engage in offer making behaviour that will negatively impact student
  • Ensure applicants this year are not systematically disadvantage
  • Not to engage in behaviours which undue pressure on applicant
These agreement will be effectively from 20/21 batch admission. To know more details about these agreement get a Best Overseas Consultant in India
Further more planned action has been taken
  • Deadlines has been extended for the application process to give student more time to take their decision
  • Ensuring students are getting proper understanding and full visibility of their options and control over their application journey
  • Making sure they are guided by any one of the Overseas Education Consultant in India
What can a  Overseas Consultant in India can do ?
just by engaging yourself with a Best Study abroad consultant in Mumbai can deliver you the best information happening in your particular destiny country and keep you updated. A few benefits you can get from Best overseas consultant in Mumbai is,
  • Engaging with you valid information happening in your country and education related news.
  • Quick reach of news directly from your selected colleges
  • New courses and new set of instruction to be followed after covi-19
  • Suggestions of good emerging universities which gives better result than the existing top universities
  • Comparing different countries education standard and will let you to take the decision
  • Making sure where you can place you better for your knowledge.
Which country you want to get into ? having any query on abroad education leave a message in the chat box, you will be guided by Best Overseas Education Consultant in India
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