Oktoberfest Germany

Posted on: February 28 2019, By : Ayush Varhadi
Oktoberfest Germany
No matter what distant corner of the world you come from, you’ve probably heard about Oktoberfest. Fame and notoriety surround this old Bavarian tradition. No wonder, it’s quite a spectacle! It even got under the skin of a person who makes a sour face when offered a beer in daily life - me.
Germans are famous for their beer nonetheless this festival is more than just drunks and junks passing out on the streets. It’s one of the most interesting experiences in life, especially if you’re a student in Germany. Oktoberfest is history, tradition and pride passed through generations to our modern world. It’s an anthropological lesson on identity and the importance and influence the ones past holds in the present and the future. (overseas college admission consultant in mumbai)

Since 1810, every year the festival starts in the end of September to continue for 16 days in a row up to mid’October celebrating in the name of the marriage of King Ludwig I and Princess Therese.

Apart from serving the highly selected beers that a brewed in the Munich area, people can order numerous delicious plates to keep up with the alcohol. There are fourteen large tents, each one providing a different environment, some entirely hippie, some native and some others pretty extravagant. Most of the tents serve pork and beef meals meanwhile there is one that serves fish exclusively as well as wine and champagne, and others that serve chicken plates with vegetables as a side dish.

8 Tips For First-Timers At Oktoberfest

1. Wear traditional German costumes to blend in

Men wear lederhosen and women wear dirndls. Wearing normal clothes to Oktoberfest was my mistake However almost everyone (including all the Germans) are dressed up in authentic costume. You will never find a local German not in lederhosen or a dirndl. It’s fun to get into the spirit of the festival!dancing germans (Generalized HR training in Mumbai)

2. Get to the tents in the morning, and get there early
There will be huge crowds outside the tent entrances before they open at 9 or 10 am. Be prepared to get your foot stepped on, elbowed in the side, or pushed around a little. Don’t worry – once you get in and find a table you won’t have to deal with this crowd again! (That is, unless you leave the tent and try to re-enter…)

3. Sprint to find a table
Once the doors open, everyone literally sprints to get a table. Tables fill up very quickly so just take whatever you can get. Have your friends’ phone numbers on hand in case you get separated so you can find them – the tents are quite large with thousands of people inside. While a table reservation isn’t required, you may do so beforehand by contacting the brewery.

4. Tip the ladies that serve you beer and food
They deserve it! Tip at least a euro per stein. They carry 10-12 steins full of beer at a time, all day long, for days on end. Also, if you don’t tip them, they won’t come back. And you definitely want them to come back, because it can get tough to find a new server during the chaos.(HR companies in Mumbai)

5. Pace yourself
You don’t want to be that guy/girl that couldn’t handle it and vomited/passed out at the table, with photo evidence on Facebook for years to come. Note that the alcohol percentage in Oktoberfest beer is 6%, higher than regular beer.can't handle oktoberfest

6. Write down the address and phone number of where you’re staying
Having it in your phone is great, but in case you lose your phone or it gets stolen, you want to keep a hard copy of this info with you. If you need directions walking back or are giving your address to a taxi driver it can be much easier to show people an address they can read – pronouncing German words when you’ve been drinking beer all day probably won’t get you very far (or to the right location).

7. Mingle with other Oktoberfest go-ers. 
Join others at their table if they have extra room and strike up a conversation. You’re bound to make new German friends (or friends from all over the world)!

8. Take the chugging challenge
….only if you dare. If you chug your whole stein while standing on a table, you will be applauded by everyone. If you try but fail to finish, you will be booed! Before you take the challenge, remember that a stein is a whole liter. This means chugging a whole liter of 6% beer at once!

Getting to Munich is easy as it’s accessible my rail from all major points in Europe and has its own major, international airports.
Oktoberfest takes place on Theresienwiese. It walkable from the main railway station (Hauptbahnhof) and the closest U-Bahn is, aptly called, Theresienwiese. Just follow the mass of crowds to the grounds. You can’t miss it!
Whatever method you use to get to Oktoberfest and wherever you stay, be sure to go and experience this awesome centuries-old Bavarian tradition! Don’t let your budget hold you back. If you can scrounge up three or four hundred euros, you’ll be in great shape to have an incredible three-day bender at Oktoberfest on a budget. Prost!

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