Myths and Facts about studying abroad

Posted on: October 14 2019, By : Siddhi Nalawade

Myth # 1: Studying abroad is way too costly. 

Studying anywhere is probably going to cost you a amount depending upon what degree you choose, regardless of if you’re studying near your house or on the other side of the planet. Not every study abroad program is expensive, especially those in developing countries can be less expensive than tuition fees on home campus. The cost varies depending on the location and type of the program.  Check out for a good overseas college admission education consultant in Navi Mumbai for detailed information.

Myth # 2: Lack of scholarship available for studying abroad.

There are lots and lots of study abroad scholarships available for merit and financial need. Most colleges have a clear framework for applying for study abroad scholarships, the process and deadlines for applying, and any restrictions that may exist for general scholarships as well as targeted scholarships for diversity, first-generation, high-financial need students and geography. For a comprehensive listing of scholarships and funding, check out Seven Educon study abroad consultant in Navi Mumbai.

Myth #3: Employers don’t value study abroad. 

Listing on your resume that you've studied abroad shows employers that you are independent, can take risks and can work with people from different backgrounds and cultures. But just listing studied abroad on a resume or in a cover letter won’t be enough. You must showcase your study abroad experience- what have you learnt there. Employers would want to know what has an applicant done or learned while abroad. Study abroad is one of the best ways for students to acquire international qualifications and cross-cultural competency. Look for one of the top education consultants in Navi Mumbai.

Myths #4: Travelling independently and studying abroad is one of the same.

Studying abroad gives you an opportunity to travel and see the world; it also allows you to study and obtain a degree, whereas travelling does not. Your connection to a foreign university may even make it easier for you to meet locals, immerse yourself in the culture and make friends. Traveling and tourism are added perks to studying abroad, but they should not overshadow the actual purpose of studying abroad. 

Myth #5: I can’t study my major abroad.

Depending upon the type of degree or subject of study you are interested in, there has to be a lot of study abroad opportunities in countries throughout the world – you just have to hunt it! It may turn out that some countries offer higher quality education in certain subject areas than others, so do your research. Check out Seven Educon which offers best overseas college admission consultant in Navi Mumbai to see what opportunities are available.

Myth #6: Studying abroad is all about partying and having a vacation.

It is what you make of it. The perfect study abroad experience will be a healthy balance between fun and learning, being social and studious. It is about learning and developing valuable skills. There is no doubt that some students view it as an excuse to get away from home and have fun. It can be a way to become more independent to broaden your knowledge and gain international perspective.
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