Posted on: December 28 2019, By : Sanjita Kumari
top overseas education consultant for UK in Mumbai
We all desire to study overseas, however the cost to study overseas depends on a few major factors, including the type of course, the duration and the location. When a student determines to study abroad, he has to make sure to arrange enough funds to pay his tuition fee and living expenses. To pay the high tuition cost most of the students take education loan either from a bank or private financial institution.  Many of us figure a lot of things for moving abroad for overseas studies however there are study abroad consultant for UK in Mumbai who counsel students nicely and provides great support.

The overseas education consultant for UK in Mumbai have good presence in UK, they help students and provide great information and help them understand their area of interest and support needed. While many students need to plan many things before applying for UK loan process. While applying for an education loan for UK, it is very important to consider different finance-related contingencies in mind. A well- planned education loan process gives candidates the upper hand, thus helping them arrange for an alternative in the wake of an emergency issue related to their UK education loan. The main aim of education loan is to provide is to provide financial support to the deserving students aspiring to study abroad. For taking education loan there are some general documents required:
1) Completed Education Loan Application form
2) Proof of admission to the course
3) Mark sheet of last qualifying examination for school and graduate studies in India.
4) Copies of letter confirming scholarship, if any
5) Schedule of expenses for the specified course.
6) Proof of individual’s identity & residency
7) Proof of age
Likewise many more documents are required above are the general required documents. However it is advisable to start the process of applying for the loan on receiving the conditional offer letter from the university as the bank or the private financial institute takes some time to fulfill their requirements and prepare the complete documentation. Many top education consultants in Mumbai helps in setting the right objective and provides great support in terms of taking education loans for the right course and university. To get UK student Loans, Indian applicants must go through the following process… Get the Tier-2 or Tier-4 visa confirmation and submit it to the bank to get your loan sanction letter. Submit the student Loan sanctioned letter’ to the immigration office and get a visa confirmation. The top overseas education consultant for UK in Mumbai helps in landing to the right decision. However there are few eligibility key details
1) Students must be above 16 years  of age
2) Must be and Indian citizen 
3) Student must have approval / application of Tier-4 visa for loan application.
4) Should have a ‘confirmation of acceptance for studies’ (CAS) 
issued by the educational institution in UK
However, covering the living costs to study abroad in UK is a different ball game. Best overseas college admission education consultant in Mumbai lets you to take a decision about the course selection, university, and visa and from which bank it would be good enough to take education loan. Indian banks providing education loans to study abroad in UK can provide funds up to Rs 2.00 crores depending on the course and institution applied. The rise in loan amount is owing to the high exchange rate between the two nations. To study abroad in UK students can obtain loans from the top banks at 8% to 18% rate. However this article aims at providing the touch about the loan process for study in UK.
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