Posted on: January 23 2020, By : Sanjita Kumari
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Many people come across such questions of getting job in their home country after studying in abroad. There is a value of foreign degree in your home country depending on the area you have applied for. The number of international students from India is increasing at a record pace, with figures crossing the 300,000 threshold for the first time in 2015. Many students who go abroad for studies also plan to stay back and work there after completing their studies. But sadly, it doesn’t always turn out that way, especially after countries like the UK which have tightened their visa rules. Top overseas college admission education consultant in Navi Mumbai also knows the opportunities in India after studying from abroad and guides students accordingly.
Because of the visa issues in certain countries like UK and other students are forced to return and search for a job in India. Sometimes, prospect of a good job in India makes them go back home. Also study abroad consultant in Navi Mumbai analyzes what type of work opportunities in India for foreign-degree holders is available; what kind of advantages these degree holders enjoy and also what are their challenges. There is no doubt that having a foreign degree is an advantage for many students, Employers view students with foreign degree favorably as their college curriculum is believed to be more in sync with the needs of the industry. Degrees granted for courses pursued on offshore campuses of foreign universities are only valid in India if the offshore campus is duly approved by the competent authorities in that country.  There are so many benefits of studying abroad, but some of the most helpful ones are below:
  1. Made for international culture
  2. The chance to adjust to UK culture
  3. Build and develop the necessary academic language skills
  4. Improve your knowledge
  5. Develop study skills and get used to university-style teaching
Best education consultants in Navi Mumbai lets you decide about the courses which will benefit you in future if you think of working in your home country. Lack of capacity and quality are the major reasons why Indian students are increasingly choosing to go abroad for higher studies. According to conservative estimates, a staggering 70% of the educational institutes in India are of poor standards. Many of us want to have better career and future so we plan to hold a foreign degree which will benefit in future with good job opportunities in our home country. Some students face obstacles as well after holding the foreign degree some of them are:
  • Foreign-degree holders demand job content and fast career growth and other such unrealistic expectations.
  • They also expect higher salaries than their Indian peers.
Overseas education consultants in Navi Mumbai guides an individual by providing the in depth knowledge about the overseas education before and after scenario. If one is holding a degree from abroad with good experience and great exposure, likely his/her chances increases. As your job offer conversion rate goes up dramatically, Job hunting in India after you have already worked in the US is a pleasant experience, in comparison. Best Indian college admission education consultant in Navi Mumbai guides about the steps like First, you are often able to transfer within the same company, in which case all you have to do is fill out a few forms and wait for a while. Second, you can be assured that every job you have applied to wants you approximately as much as you want it, which helps you focus on the few places you want to work at, and reduces the inefficiency inherent in applying to a huge number of companies in the hope that something will convert.
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