Indian college admission vs abroad college admission

Posted on: June 15 2020, By : Ashwin Radhakrishnan
Indian college admission vs abroad college admission
It is obvious that abroad college admission will have lot many procedure when comparing to native college admission. But most of us will not know in depth how it actually differs.
Abroad college admission process
When it comes to abroad college admission, it is very time consuming process and the steps goes like,
  • Identifying country, universities and the course of your interest
  • Application forms from universities
  • Required tests and steps
  • Recommendation letters
  • Sending application forms and documents
  • Admission stage
Selecting universities
            The simplest way to select perfect universities in all aspects is to contacting study abroad consultant in Mumbai. Applying to many universities is considered as the expensive by Indian standards so usually student used to send application for 6-8 universities in average.
Application forms from universities
            Application forms from the universities can be get from the websites of any respective universities. They will provide you in two ways, either they will provide application form to complete and submit through their website or you can directly download the application form from the website
Required test and steps
            After receiving many application forms from the universities, analyse each college on the basis of
  • Universities that match your exact requirement
  • Universities that are not suited your needs
  • Universities which are in between these two category
 Eliminate the second group of list and check again for the group 3. You can try and focus departments you want to choose and university ranks in respective field. Again make a list of universities , this time with fresh and more specific criteria like
  • Objective of the program and methodology of approach
  • Admission or entrance requirement
  • Assistance and funds
  • Research facilities
Short list to 6-8 universities, find a top overseas education consultants in India to get to know more on how to shortlist the list of universities in more detail
Recommendation letters
            The recommendation letter plays an important role during the admission process especially for masters and doctoral courses. It is the letter from the faculty who taught you related to the course which you are going to take next for the studies. This letter should include your positive, negative, strength and weaknesses, your character as well.
Many universities have their own format of recommendation, if it is not answered properly there is a chance of cancellation of selection. Top study abroad consultant in India can help you to give more details on how a recommendation letter to be.
Statement of purpose
            The personal statement of purpose or the personal essay plays a vital role in the process of evaluating in both admission as well as financial aid. For MBA candidates this is most important criteria.
Admission stage
Usually universities send their decision about admission in very advance. When you are receiving admission more than one universities , you will have to be shortlist those universities based on these criteria
  • Choice of courses, length of program, best curriculum
  • Best program with respect to costs
  • Cost of living
  • Best funding offer
  • Social life
  • Facilities available
  • Location region, safety of neighbourhood
To know the possibilities of getting selected in many universities be in touch with best overseas college admission education consultant in India
Indian college admission process
            The Indian college admission process is quite simple when it is compared to abroad process of admission.
  1. Eligibility criteria
  2. Application process
  3. Reservation policy for students
  4. Points to consider while selecting college
Eligibility criteria
            The eligibility criteria for the Indian college admission is verified completely by the help of documents, certificates and ID proof. The student has to be passed in their 10+2 examination and the cut-off percentage is various from college to college. Indian college admission education consultant in Mumbai can help you to give more details on merit cut-off and college list.
Application process
            The application of any college is easy to get from their college website. It is now a days cheap, affordable and can get more knowledge on various courses details which is not in our list of interest also.
Reservation policy for students
            Government of India has set up several guidelines for the reservation process of students belongs to classes like SC, ST, OBC, BC(M). This helps those students in relaxation to financially weak student.
Points to consider while selecting college
  • Academic excellence and superiority
  • Industrial exposure
  • Standardized accreditation
  • Provision for basic Amenities.
When applying for a college through online of offline you wont be getting all the insights of the college unless you are contacting education consultants in Mumbai for a free counselling.
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