Posted on: May 28 2020, By : Ashwin Radhakrishnan
Completed 10th or 12th or about to complete your graduation and looking for your next big step? early you get to know your path early you will climb your career steps.
Our parents will always try to tell good ways to us but not as good as the technical knowledgeable person in that field. Career counselling in India helps us to fill this gap.
 This is how career counselling works
Your Personal skills + Job expectations + financial support = Right career.
When you are on ride without knowing the proper route, you will ask some random person and get to know but what does google maps does, analyse the route, traffic, time to travel and gives clear idea on your travel will be, just like that career counselling will give all collective essential information for your career direction. Visit a free career counselling for overseas college admission in India
Strength and weakness
Not two brains work in the same way in universe. Everyone will have some weakness and strength but only their strength will make them up shine. Kohli is a great cricketer but not a good bowler, what will happen if Kohli thinks to concentrate more on bowling, he will fail to gain some batting skills which can make him to shine up and resulting in an average cricket player. Career counselling will identify your interest and skills and will show you the right direction to success. They will only show you the way always the decisions should be yours. Know your strength from a best career counselling consultant un Mumbai.
Job satisfaction
If you ask someone “ are you satisfied with your job ? “ more than 95% of times you will get answer as NO. have you wonder why ?, just because of mismatching your interest and career option. If you are good in script writing and found a job in the same field , daily you will be exploring more about how to engage audience with your script. Career counselling will help you to explore your interest and can suggest the destiny like film directors script writing, YouTube script writing, Audio function script writing and many more perfect place for your skills. Get a free counselling and be in 5% who love doing their job daily.
There are few free career counselling for overseas college in India Where you can get clear idea for your bright future. Right from joining a coaching centre, financial assistance for education, job guidance career counselling for UK admission is there to help. Here is seven educon who is doing free career counselling in Mumbai for more than 10 years and making sure each and every students are getting job satisfaction.
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