Posted on: January 07 2020, By : Sanjita Kumari
Overseas education consultants in Mumbai
Many students get excited when they think of studying abroad.  As UK attracts a large proportion of all international students after the USA and about 20% of those in higher education in the UK in 2017-18 were international students. UK is the second most popular destination for higher studies after the USA. Many students dream to study in UK’s universities as universities in UK provides great career and future. When it comes to work opportunities in UK after studies, there have been changes since 2012, when the tier 1 visa was scrapped. 
Best overseas college admission consultant in Mumbai helps you to select the good universities in UK to make better future. Among the big draws for students is the high quality of life and good employment prospects after graduation. Once a student has completed his/her graduation from UK universities they dream of getting a good job. As soon as international students graduate they need to switch their visa to a work-related one if they wish to extend their stay. However new laws have made it tougher for international students to do so, and the post-study work visa was scrapped in 2012. Best education consultants in Mumbai gives best advice in terms of job opportunities and studies in UK, Most non-EU graduates go home after their studies, but of those who want to work in the UK, many apply for tier 2 visa. To be eligible for a Tier 2 visa: You must have been offered a job at a particular skills level by an employer with a Tier 2 visa sponsor license. The flexible education system which is also in sync with today’s job requirements helps attract students to the country.
The benefits of studying in UK are manifold:
1) Universities in the are globally recognized with ten of them making it to the top 50 in QS World University Ranking 2015/16.
2) 5% of the world’s scientific research and 14% of the most frequently cited papers originate in the UK
3) Teaching methodology is crafted to give creative freedom and room for personal skill development
4) Has some of the best faculty and industry experts guiding students.
There are good job opportunities in UK after completing your studies many people think of many questions which come in their mind, top study abroad consultant in Mumbai helps to guide to a positive path to achieve the desired result or  outcome. The question that comes in people’s mind is… 
“What do I need before I can start work?
You will need to have applied for a National Insurance number to be eligible to work in the UK, but you do not need to have received your National Insurance number before you can start work. You should do this after you have received your offer of employment. Top overseas education consultant for UK in Mumbai helps to solve all your queries and lets you to take a good decision. Students who ate tier 4 can do work placement as long as:
1) It’s an assessed and integral part  of your full time Master’s programme
2) You stay enrolled as a student at your university
3) It doesn’t comprise more than half of your degree
Overseas education consultants in Mumbai provide exposure and guide you to select good universities and also helps you with you financial budget. International students are allowed to work in the UK (subject to the conditions outlined below). However, part-time work can be difficult to find, so you should not expect to fund your studies entirely in this way.
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