Foreign university vs Indian university.

Posted on: April 18 2019, By : Pratyush Srivastava
Foreign university vs Indian university.
“I am planning to pursue my higher studies from abroad”, this is the most common phrase we hear today from many graduates. After completing the three year graduation course, students start planning to pursue their masters from abroad. Most of them, firstly gain some experience in India as there are certain regulations to be followed set by the foreign universities. Ever wondered why students opt for going abroad for post graduation? Counting few from the bag full of reasons top overseas college admission education consultant in Mumbai have come out with some reasoning.
The teachers recruited in foreign universities are young, the reason being that they are more aware about the topic as well as the current happenings. Unfortunately this is not the scenario in Indian universities. Young aspiring teachers face a lot of resistance from Indian universities during recruitment because there is a tendency to discourage talent early.( Human Resource Management in Mumbai)
The gap in the teaching system is visible enough when we compare an overseas university with an Indian university. Teaching in India is calculated in terms of number of classes or periods conducted. Attendance records are kept to keep students under pressure in Indian universities. But the scenario in foreign universities is different, despite attendance norms being stringent, there are classes without attendance. Students, there are under much less pressure when compared to universities in India.
Another point of difference is that the universities here follow a system which is prevailing for years. Teachers consider teaching and research as two different activities, where teaching is considered as an institutional work and research is viewed as a personal agenda for moving forward in one’s career. Whereas in universities abroad, professors, to keep their research and interests alive and popular, engage with undergraduate who bring fresh questions and perspectives to ongoing inquiries.
Last but not the least, in the west, libraries of the universities forms centre of life both for teachers and students. Librarian enjoy a high status there. They work closely with teachers as well as with students in various tasks involved procurement of books and journal keeping the library quite and friendly. Unfortunately our case is opposite, library exists on the margin of the classroom. Maintenance of the past volumes is seen obsolete due to e-storage.
These were some of the differences figured out by the study abroad consultant in Mumbai. For detailed information feel free to get in touch with best study abroad consultant in Mumbai. Assistance for Visa facilities are also provided. Wish you all the very best for your next big step!!! Choose well!!
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