Flaws in Indian education system

Posted on: April 10 2019, By : Pratyush Srivastava
Flaws in Indian education system
India is a country which is a house of talent due to its large population and maximum population being youth. Being a youth dominated country, the kind of education system that prevails in the country is one of the major deciding factor for the future the country is heading towards. There are some hindrances which have still not being worked upon and are consistent in our education system. The major flaw in our education system is that it still follows the traditional way of learning ignoring the fact that everybody has their own capability and strengths and they cannot be judged by singular pattern of tests. This is the point where overseas education system has triumphed. People are heading towards the overseas education because of all this. More detailing can also be done by top overseas college admission education consultant in Mumbai
Adaptability is one thing that is must and most important for survival in any situation, and this is the thing where Indian education system is going wrong. In today’s world where technology is changing at a great pace, habits, trends etc. are changing too fast, the way of education is still stuck and lagging behind.  Our country is roaring about engineers today but our country is also home to one third illiterate population. 
There are some of the serious flaws which are identified by best study abroad consultant in Mumbai discussed below.
Chalk system- Today, still our system believes in teaching on a blackboard which a chalk where whole world is heading towards digital method of teaching. This is a core traditional method which is in a high need of changing.
Too many Examination- Dozens of examinations which are prevailing in the system leads to students losing interest in other activity and eventually reduction in their hobbies and creativity. It also is a hindrance in the overall development of the students which is of topmost importance and should be given priority.
Promotes private tuitions- the education system of our country is a great promoter of private coaching classes because it only wants students to be prepared for clearing their exams. But the question arises is that why do student need coaching or tuition classes despite of attending full time college classes? (HR Certification Training in Mumbai)
Theoretical knowledge is forced upon students- in today’s world which so much runs on practicality, no practical education is provided to students. Every student can be seen carrying a bag full of books and returning back home. Actually it is of no use, because when you are not exposed to outside world, where one can deal with various kinds of situation as well as solve the problems that come in the way and rectifying errors, one cannot learn. (top hr consultancy in Mumbai). Source of major learning and development is through practical education which the education systems of other countries understood clearly and implemented various techniques for it.
Expensive education-  Education has a major price flaw too, it is very much expensive in India and this has become a major reason for people choosing to be uneducated. Despite of all the government programs concerning education, there is no proper support for the poor people. Privatization in the education is getting deep rooted day by day and this is giving birth to profit hungry entrepreneurs. 
Neglect of Indian languages- in urban areas, the medium of instruction is English but it is not the case with the rural areas. As a result those people suffer a lot. There is no standard publication available in Indian languages. In order to bridge this gap, focus need to be put on the quality of education provided to people in rural parts of the country. 
Kills curiosity- curiosity is something which leads to development and if this thing is vanished, there will be no growth at all. Curiosity is one thing that keeps learning alive and the education system is killing it on a daily basis. The education system of the country is treating the students as robots. The scheduled course outline and the daily fixed routine does not provide any flexibility at all because of which curiosity to know and learning new things is lost.
Wastage of resources- Many of the students drop out school leading to a large drop out rate in the country and it gradually leads to wastage of financial and human resources. 
Infrastructure facilities- Inability to provide necessary infrastructure is one of the core flaw in education system of the country. Better infrastructure rank the institution to higher and desirable position. It includes the kind of classroom, library, hostel services and all the necessary facilities which are desired and needed by the students.
Professor-student ratio- this is an area which needs to be worked upon majorly. There is a serious disorder in this ratio when we compare certain countries with India. In other countries where this ratio lies somewhere around 11:4, in India it is 22:0 which is really an alarming situation for the education system of the country.
Government support- India is a one among the developing nation today. But it spends a small percentage GDP when it comes to education. The policies and plans formulated for education requires 6 percent but what it actually it gets is less than 4 percent, hence this gap needs to be bridged.
Therefore these were the problems which were identified, for further information contacting best overseas college admission consultant in Mumbai will be the best plan. The identified problems are being looked upon by the system but nothing can happen in one night so it will definitely take several years to transform it completely with all the flaws rectified and will move towards a better quality of education to the students so that the learning is enhanced with a joy. There is a lot of innovation to be done for the betterment of the whole system and making education affordable should be a task for which strategies should be planned and implemented with immediate effect. More information about admission in the overseas can be obtained by overseas college admission education consultant in Mumbai
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