Effect of pandemic situation on abroad education

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Effect of pandemic situation on abroad education
According to the latest survey by HSBC on overseas education trends in India, around 44 percent of the Indian parents would prefer a 'foreign' education for their children. Countries like the US, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, etc. are some of the most preferred destinations for the students as per the Indian parents.
Although many are thinking a new about studying abroad but International students claim that COVID-19 did not change their dream of studying abroad.
Study Abroad Consultant in Mumbai will help to fulfill the dream.

Overseas Consultant in Mumbai will give an in-depth understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on international students, how to plan for higher studies abroad amid the pandemic, the benefits of studying overseas and more.
Many countries have already banned entry to their borders, and only citizens or permanent residents are allowed to enter for important reasons, which has led to the closure of all means of communication to study abroad. In this case, it has been possible to study abroad online and other positions have been opened. To get more information be connected with Overseas Education Consultancy in Mumbai.
We currently help international students to study abroad and to shape the perspective and new reality of Study Abroad. A majority of prospective students who responded to our survey are intending to study a full bachelor’s or master’s degree. Only 5.5% were planning on studying their PhD abroad, while 9.1% are aiming towards a diploma of some kind. 10.9% selected “other” which includes programs like language courses, associate’s degrees, and pathway programs.
To give more context to the statistics, we want to get an idea of when students are planning to start their studies at COVID 19. Our hypothesis is that most of the students have postponed their study plans because of COVID 19.But about 75% students plan to start studying abroad in the next two years and 48% students plan to start studying abroad this year. Students who plan to start studying abroad next year need to change their thinking and Overseas Education helps those who plan to start studying abroad this year to realize their dreams. Students who said COVID-19 hasn't affected their study abroad plans may be planning to study in the future when they believe the crisis will have abated. Similarly, students who said they have been affected may be concerned about the rapidly developing travel constraints implemented by national governments. The responses thus far indicate that students, like many of us, are waiting to see how events unfold.
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