Cooking while Studying Abroad

Posted on: February 25 2019, By : Ayush Varhadi
Cooking while Studying Abroad
Studying abroad is a journey of self-discovery, even went it comes to the kitchen. If you’ve been living with your parents and have no cooking experience, deciding what to eat can be overwhelming. This post is for you, if you are looking for ways to expand your relationship with food to more than just eating it.

Being abroad can mean having limited funds, so it can be a balancing act to affordably eat healthy and not get fat or too thin. It is a must to develop a personal budget and a weekly market list of basics. Here are a few easy recipes based from my experience and some research. These are ideal recipes for students who have never, ever cooked or may have a little bit of experience.

Starting to cook for yourself can be a daunting task. However, feeding yourself all the way through university can be a welcoming challenge. Here are some tips on how to cook like a boss at university:

Learn about basic nutrition
This can be useful in two ways. First, your body will thank you if you feed it healthy food. Second, food that is rich in nutrients and vitamins will keep you satisfied over a longer period of time. You’re less likely to constantly feel hungry and therefore you’ll spend less on keeping your stomach full. The result is not only a better physical shape, but also more money in your pockets.

Learn a few basic recipes by heart
When you’re on your way home after a long day at university, dropping by a supermarket on the way should be as quick as grabbing a few items with a concrete intention of how to cook them .Otherwise you’ll be tempted to buy some pre-cooked frozen food or takeaway from a local fast food chain, as it doesn’t require much thought and time .You have your days off or the weekends to start experimenting on your sous-chef career. The rest of the time, be efficient about feeding yourself in the quickest and healthiest way possible. You can find the best consulting firm around in whichever city you go.

Scale recipes down and cook for one
Downscaling doesn’t require superpowers, it just requires you to divide all the ingredients by the number of people the recipe is intended for. You also shouldn’t worry about buying less ingredients for smaller scale recipes. Dry foods like rice or pasta last for ages. Perishable food products, however, should be calculated more precisely. If you know you’ll be cooking a lot of carrots over the next week, by all means go with the big package at the supermarket. If you only need two for the resized recipe, go to your local farmers market. Not only is it organic, it’s also cheaper and it sells you the items by the quantity you ask for. That way, you can evade any sad leftovers in your fridge that will never get eaten.

Get the right gear
The ideal kitchen gear starter package would be a chef’s pan for frying, a saucepan for cooking, a chef’s knife, a spatula, and a wooden spoon.As a recommendation, don’t buy stuff that is too cheap, but rather invest in good quality products. A sticky pan or a dull knife will ruin any cooking experience and will make you lose interest. If you’re on a budget, though, and have to choose one object that you can invest in, make it the chef’s knife. There is nothing more annoying than not being able to chop up your ingredients. More so, it will double the time of every cooking session.( overseas education consultant for uk in thane)

Start cooking before hunger kicks in
The time between deciding to cook your own meal or dialling the take-out number can be a matter of a few minutes. That’s how quickly you can go from being slightly hungry to starving. The mistake many people make is to wait until they’re hungry to start preparing food. Knowing your daily schedule and your habits, you should have a pretty good estimate about what time hunger strikes you. Don’t start cooking at the last minute. Plan beforehand, so when you’re finished with preparing your meal the appetite will be there and you don’t need to snack your way around it.

Do the math
Student food is a big economic market and there are lots of products out there that cater to young adults trying to cook with little time and a small budget. But if you look past all those packaged soups, baking goods and one pot meals you can buy for a few euros, you might realise that buying fresh ingredients and processing them into something tasty is even cheaper. (overseas education consultant for usa in mumbai )

Use one pot or pan
You don’t need a full set of pots and pans to cook good meals, and a lot of great tasting dishes can actually be made only using one. You can load them up with a ton of veggies and other healthy fillers, which means you can spend less money on meat.

Stir-fry is another great cheap, healthy, and time-saving meal. Prepare all of your veggies, meats, and broths when you have some spare time on the weekends, then store them in the refrigerator or freezer. Because the cooking time for stir-frying is so short, you can make your meal on the day you plan to eat, as opposed to cooking in bulk and storing individual portions.(Payroll certification courses in navi mumbai)

Cook in bulk
If time is something that’s holding you back from cooking your own meals, try cooking large batches of food when you have spare time on the weekend, then portion them out into containers or plastic bags that can be put into the refrigerator or freezer. This way, when you’re in a rush during the week, getting in a solid meal is just a matter of reheating and eating. This is also a great way to keep those ingredients you bought in bulk from sitting around on the shelf or in the fridge forever.

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Cooking is no sorcery. The most important factor is the learning curve: preparing your own meals, finding joy in eating your own food, defining your own techniques on how to process ingredients, and following the best diet possible. Once you call a fancy kitchen your property, you can always take it up a notch. But most importantly, have fun and enjoy the food!
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