Best Majors for Study Abroad in 2019

Posted on: February 22 2019, By : Ayush Varhadi
Best Majors For Study Abroad In 2019
There comes a time in anyone’s life when they have to decide what career path they want to choose. The career of your dreams is inevitably linked to your study options, so once you will realize what you want to do with your life, you’ll know what steps to take to become the graduate that companies are fighting over hiring. (Job Placement agencies in India)
You may be wondering how your major may align with studying abroad but the good news is, in today’s day and age, study abroad is possible with any and all majors. Additionally, you may be able to take classes abroad that aren’t even offered at your home institution, or may give you a different perspective on your major.

See what Seven Educon’s community of meaningful travelers, program administrators, and international education experts has predicted as the most popular courses to take abroad, and what classes YOU should sign up for in the upcoming year! Without further ado, here are the some of the best majors for study abroad in 2019.
Psychology, the study of the mind. What makes this one of the best subjects for study abroad is how versatile it is. There are a variety of classes available to satisfy your psychological cravings, while also allowing students to explore how different cultures view this mind-boggling science.
What makes business one of the best majors for study abroad is how universal it is. If you’re pursuing a future in business, the likelihood that you will deal with the global market, or with international businesses is large. Studying business abroad will give you the opportunity to learn more about international business practices, while also immersing yourself in another culture. 
Marketing, Advertising, PR
Marketing classes rank high in the best courses for study abroad because of its popularity, and its utility. Marketing, Advertising, and PR offer some of the most creative classes to take abroad, and will allow you to indulge in your original and innovative side!
Global Health
Another one of the best courses for study abroad is global health, as you get to examine health situations, and issues in a global context. Taking these kind of classes abroad will give you a new perspective on the studies, research, and efforts going on worldwide to improve global health, and stop epidemics.
Environmental Studies
As humanity focuses more and more on sustainability, and being environmental, environmental studies has quickly become one of the best courses for study abroad. Working to save the planet is a global issue, and studying abroad while majoring in environmental studies will introduce you to new ways to preserve the planet, while allowing you to see how different issues affect different parts of the world.
Arts & Fine Arts
One of the best ways to learn about the culture of different nations is through its art. Every nation has fine arts, and they offer a multitude of ways to see the nation in a different light, and to discover how countries were shaped.
Have you ever fancied yourself working at Paris Fashion Week, or working on a luxurious cruise line? Cosmetology is an expanding field, providing many options of what to study abroad, including but not limited to internships, and training opportunities. By exposing yourself to cosmetology techniques from around the world, your skills will expand, and allow you to stay up to date on the latest fashion trends.
If you are majoring in nursing, studying abroad will give you the opportunity to experience international health care, and to see how different systems operate. Not only this, but the connections forged while abroad will give students a better hands-on learning experience than they could have in a classroom while learning about other cultures, and how to approach sensitive medical subjects with different individuals.
Designers focus on the appearance and physical aspects of a product without overlooking the functionality and usability and overcoming customer satisfaction. Designers are “the brain” behind every concept or idea of a logo, food package, website, and more. 
Before you leave, here are some pointers that will help you find your inner calling:
A. Check out job ads in the newspapers or online, career sites and blogs, and explore those options that sound appealing to you. Knowing what are the requirements and duties of a job will narrow down your list of possible careers.
B. Figure out what your best assets are. For instance, if you’re an introvert, it would probably be best to leave out jobs in sales or customer service. However, if you think you can handle the challenge, you could give them a try and see if they fit you or not.(Payroll Courses in mumbai)
C. If you want to try out a job to see what it's like, you can always apply for an internship. Big companies usually offer several internships, available in many departments.
D. Ask yourself if you see yourself doing a certain job for a long period of time. Should you choose a career that you are really good at or one that you are most comfortable with?
Taking help from an education consultant in Mumbai can be of great help for you. They will guide you with the admission process and also provide you with accommodation, visa as well as financial assistance. All the best for your Big Step! 
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