Posted on: February 08 2020, By : Sanjita Kumari
Accommodation facilities
“Choosing where you are going to live s one of the most exciting and important decisions you will make at university. The UK is widely-recognized as one of the best and most exciting places to study in the world. In February 2017, London was ranked third best city in the world for university life. We all become independent when we think of going abroad for higher studies. Top overseas education consultant for UK in Mumbai helps students with accommodation facilities and other queries as well.
Whether it is a language or academic course, the UK is simply the perfect location to come and study. Since, 2010, UK student Residences are proud to have helped thousands of British and international student and interns to find modern, comfortable rooms in centrally-located student residences, offering great facilities and opportunities to meet like-minded friends. Best overseas education consultant for UK in Mumbai guides students in detail manner to let them decide about the best university and suitable course to study ahead. Sorting your living arrangements is a crucial part of preparing for university. Explore the range of student accommodation options available and decide which is right for you. Making a choice of student accommodation could make or break student experience- there would be nothing worse than living in a freezing cold flat during the middle of winter, or in a neighborhood where you don’t feel safe. Therefore, it is important to make sure the accommodation is suitable. Overseas education consultant for UK in Mumbai gives various options about accommodation facilities to students so that it serves helpful to them during their course of study at UK.  For students living away from home for the first time, a university hall of residence can be a good solution. Also a private Accommodation and Support at university.          
  • University Halls: There are large buildings often situated on or near the university campus, where each student has their own room but share bathroom and kitchen facilities. While some halls of residence have cooking facilities for students, most of the time you will eat your main meals in large dining halls, which makes for a great social atmosphere. Many universities have contracted with private sector operators such as united and Nido to provide premium accommodation with en suite facilities.
Private Accommodation: For great independence, private accommodation could be the answer. Options include a studio or one bedroom flat, or in a flat share. A flat share is a house with two or more rooms and everyone has their own private room, with a shared bathroom and living facilities. Some students choose to share with friends, while others are happy to move in with strangers who may become good friends. Study abroad consultant in Mumbai also advices for support at university. Leaving home and travelling abroad to study at one of top universities in the UK can be slightly daunting, particularly if it is your first time away from home.
This isn’t easy choice to make, so get advice from best education consultants in Mumbai or from as many sources as possible. Family and friends who have been to university before are a good starting point. A lot of research and self-study is important for accommodation and other facilities before moving abroad for higher studies.
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