A Guide to Study Abroad Scholarships

Posted on: February 22 2019, By : Ayush Varhadi
A Guide To Study Abroad Scholarships
Many students dream of studying abroad. It’s no secret that an international experience offers students the opportunity to make new friends, participate in an internship, explore a global city, create professional connections, and immerse in a new culture, all while gaining a prestigious education. That’s why students are signing up in droves to take their education abroad.
However, many students falsely believe that studying abroad is too expensive for their budget. The good news is that there are plenty of study abroad scholarships for international students who are interested in pursuing a course or a degree abroad. (HR training in Mumbai)
A scholarship to a foreign college is a monetary award given to academically gifted students. This amount could be used toward the tuition expenses, additional expenses of the program such as air travel, course books, and accommodation. There are some scholarships where the students need to apply, and some scholarships don’t need an additional application. Some scholarships tend to be competitive, while others could be underutilized. (overseas college admission consultant in mumbai)
Every year, come admission season, the Universities from around the globe see a new crop of scholarship hunters (aka international students) venturing into their scholarship jungle. Some are well-prepped and navigate safely with a plan, while others, well, not very savvy. What we find very surprising is some students just blindly believe every scholarship myth that litters the internet and think twice to bother even applying. Quite obviously, you will never get one if you never apply! Don’t be a misguided student. Know your facts before jumping to conclusions. (HR Consulting firm)
It all probably seems hazy to you now, which is why we would like to shed some light on the topic for you. Here are a few how to’s on finding these highly sought-after forms of financial aid.
Sharp Drop!
With the falling rupee and the rising cost of tuition and living, scholarships are all the more crucial in your student life now. Indian student numbers may have seen a slight decrease over the past few years due to such reasons. In response to this, did you know that the UK launched 370 scholarships in the year 2013, just to encourage Indian students? Recently, US News reported that 345 US colleges offered financial aid to international students.
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As you go through a few University websites, you will probably be hit by realization of how hard this is. So many, many scholarships, grants, and loans are available for domestic students but only a handful for international students. Don’t get discouraged — you will have to do extra research but finding a scholarship is still doable. 
Some Universities offer only a limited amount of aid, while some offer students substantial amounts. Some offer need-based, while others offer merit-based ones. Some are offered to students coming from some regions and countries. These vary to a large extent from institution to institution.
Types of scholarships meant for studying abroad
Merit-based scholarships - These scholarships are based on the student's academic, athletic, artistic or other abilities. These qualities feature as the applicant's extracurricular activities. Note that these qualifications and requirements will vary from scholarships and scholarship.
Country of origin specific - These are the scholarships which are awarded to international students planning to attend a study abroad program in that particular country. These are awarded as a motivation to study in that country. You will have to check with government-sponsored education websites or student bodies to study to see what scholarships are available.
A student from special backgrounds - These are scholarships for applicants who qualify on the basis of factors like race, gender, religion, and medical history. There could be other student-specific factors. The reason these scholarships exist is to promote equality among different sections of society. The most common awards in this category are the minority scholarships.
Subject-based scholarships – Subject-based scholarships are awarded by colleges or government institutions to students according to the particular major or field of study they want to pursue. These scholarships require the applicant to be enrolled in the subject-specific courses while abroad. Please note that qualifications and eligibility will vary from scholarship to scholarship. 
Program-specific awards – Program specific scholarships are presented by the universities and colleges. These scholarships are awarded according to the academic and personal achievements of the applicant. Again, qualifications will vary based on scholarships.
Start Early!
If you wait till the last minute to go looking for scholarships, you will be far behind the ball and might have a tough time. When you should start looking is — as soon as you are done with the choosing of your program and University or when you are done with your short-listing. 
What Will a Study Abroad Scholarship Cover?
Depending on which global scholarship you receive and who is providing it, what the scholarship will pay for or not varies greatly. Most scholarships are designed to cover your basic cost of studying. This includes the cost of tuition, student fees, books, and any other school-related costs. In some cases, a portion of our living costs will also be covered, including the cost of food and accommodation. Other international scholarships are less strict. They will simply provide you with a lump sum of money which you can apply to your studies however you deem appropriate. That doesn’t mean spend your money on just whatever, it’s all still meant to fund your education. The difference is that you’re able to prioritize your own budget and apply the financial aid accordingly.
Your Quick Checklist!
For successful application of scholarships, here are a few things that you should run a check on:
Your eligibility
The mentioned deadline
Including all requested documentation
Keeping your referees posted about all scholarships that you are applying for. Some Universities request you to have referees. In such cases, we insist on you picking after careful consideration, as they must highlight your abilities well.
Review and Submit
Once you have completed all the necessary steps, make sure to give your application a final review before submitting it. That way you can make sure you have followed all the instructions and have included all the required paperwork.
Congratulate Yourself on a Job Well-Done!
Once you hit submit, that’s it! You’ve completed another study abroad scholarship application and have increased your chances of going on the adventure of a lifetime. Reward yourself with the fact that your time and dedication will pay off when you are living and studying abroad surrounded by new, international friends while immersing in a totally different culture.
You can take advice from Top Study Abroad Consultant In Mumbai who will guide you in applying for the right university and scholarships. The amount of information now listed on the Internet is mind-boggling. If you research effectively, you are sure to discover information on scholarships that will help you fund a portion of your studies. All The Best!
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