10 things to know before travelling to study abroad

Posted on: June 09 2020, By : Ashwin Radhakrishnan
10 things to know before travelling to study abroad
There are certain things to make note before leaving India to study abroad. We have listed 10 important things to check and recheck before travelling
  1. All paperwork
Get your passport as soon as possible, if you already have then check expiration date. Make sure it is well beyond your semester abroad. Apply for your visas on time and check the essential ways to clear the visa. If you have any doubts regarding visa overseas college admission consultant in India
  1. Courses, flights and housing
Once the course and college selection is done, make sure your accommodation is planned with the universities or nearby place to your universities. Book you flights well ahead of starting of semester, settle yourself without hurry. If Finding any difficulties for accommodation contact study abroad consultant
  1. Currency exchange
The foreign currency keeps on changing and you can see huge spike in between of your studies also, even if you are visiting cheapest countries make a plan of budget on daily spending basis rather than monthly expenses.
  1. Updates on your destination
Now it’s time to start seeing the country news along with your particular destination news, you have to know about their countries economy, political news but do not panic over every little incidents. You can find some information on student travel insurance.
  1. Talk to your bank
Meet with your bank to check how your debit and credit cards work overseas. Some may have regional partners that don’t charge extra fee for using ATM and some may not have. Most of the smaller bank doesn’t have international presence.
  1. Health check-ups and vaccinations
Visit your doctor and get health advise respective on your destination. Contact your health insurance company and let them know about your period of travel and destination.
  1. Weather and clothes
The weather conditions will obviously differ a lot from Indian conditions to any other countries, know the weather conditions very well and pack your clothes according to that.
  1. Mobile network
This is very essential as when you step down in your destiny country your network is no more, talk with your service provider whether they have any international tie-ups with the country your are moving in. If not find a best network provider from here itself and sign up for a mobile plan at the airport once you reach
  1. Emergency
Know all the emergency contact number before reaching, emergency will not inform before it comes and also it is very good to know the embassy of your country which is located nearby.
  1. Mental preparation
During planning and expectations you will have so much picture running in your mind, in addition to that talk with a friend who studies in abroad to have more clear picture and also prepare your mind if something is not happening also.
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